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Support Military and Veterans in Wichita
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why a vanguard?

The vanguard is the leading part of an advancing military formation. It has a number of functions, including seeking out the enemy and securing ground in advance of the main force. Sojourner’s is calling on Wichita to be the vanguard for those military and veteran families in our community.

vanguard perks

Online Ordering
Curbside Pick-Up
Exclusive Gifts
and more!

to join:

$30 monthly donation

support our mission

Sojourner’s Coffee House has operated largely on donations in exchange for coffee and food for almost two years. We are looking to grow the impact of our mission and ministry in dramatic ways, which will take more resources, dedicated directly to supporting our mission. This will include books and expanded staff, materials, events, and more!

How it works

When you support the Vanguard, you will initiate a monthly $30 donation directly toward our mission to positively impact the lives of military and veteran families in and around Wichita.

*You may cancel your support at ANY time.

online ordering and car-side pickup

Sojourner’s will offer online ordering and car-side pickup to Vanguard supporters only. Just login to your account, place your order 5-10 minutes before you’d like to pick it up, park in the designated parking spot in front of our door, and we will bring your order to you as soon as we can!

exclusive gifts

Sojourner’s will have occasional exclusive gifts for Vanguard supporters only, starting with these amazing coffee mugs until our supply runs out!

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